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Compare Movin’ On Opening Title music to Merle Haggard’s full length (single) version of Movin’ On.



  1. WILL AND SONNY! What can I say! The toughest guys in America. I love this series! And Frank Converse and Claude Akins were the best for their characters. Wish Claude were still with us. Would Like to see them Movin On again!

  2. I have been driving for 35 years now
    Thank’s to Movin On! No regrets
    My favorite episode was when somebody had a truck just like their’s
    And was up to no good! Will and Sonny had to find them. This might have been the episode that they had to help them stop going down a mountain? I think lol
    Was about 45 years ago I was 11 yrs. Old. With a bad memory lol

  3. When I was in Jr. High in 75 I loved the show and had the 45 single. Once we were allowed to bring a record to school to play at rec time. Most of the kids had rock, disco… Guess what I played??? I didn’t care what anyone thought, I was in heaven! Lol!

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