Love, Death And Laura Brown

Season 2 episode 12
Mark’s Note:

Will falls hard for Laura Brown, a diminutive, spunky redhead with an Irish/North Carolina accent. Played by Fionnula Flanagan, a prize winning actress with four decades of television, film and theater credits, Laura Brown is a single mom supporting two kids by hauling loads of “apple cider” up and down the Blue Ridge Mountains in a beaten-up six-wheeler. Will loves everything about her and Laura likes him pretty well too.

Sonny doesn’t think much of Laura and after he discovers that she’s keeping secrets from Will, he flat out doesn’t trust her. Sonny tells Will that it’s time to tell her goodbye and move on but Will says no, maybe it’s time to dissolve their partnership. Of course that’s not possible (there’s still half a season of episodes to finish!)

Barry’s Bits:

“Love, Death, And Laura Brown” is very good opportunity to see a Frank-centered episode and watch him exhibit his acting “chops”. The folks in Hendersonville, NC were wonderful, welcoming, and we had a great time there. The Apple Festival was delicious and some of the tastiest varieties of apples come from that part of NC.

I remember drinking some “moon” that was produced by a friend of a friend and likening it to the very luscious French brandy Calvados. The North Carolina country boys called it “Apple Bop”…. same taste, same kick, and a hell of a lot less expensive!!!


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