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Season 1

Season 1

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Sonny Pruitt Trucking Co. mug

Sonny Pruitt Trucking Co.

Do It Like Pruitt t-shirt

Do It Like Pruitt


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  1. THE BEST!!! Thank you for this website. Akins was an American Treasure. Love Converse as well! And that beautiful green KW!

  2. Movin’ On was one of the best shows ever. Too bad it only had 2 seasons but they were a great 2 seasons! Glad that this web site is here keeping the show alive!

  3. Just found this … and HOW COOL is it that you are offering MOVIN’ ON t-shirts! I will be definitely be ordering … and maybe one for the wife!

  4. Claude Akins really was a sweetheart of a guy and it’s too bad there aren’t more guys like him in this world. Makes guys look good as well as truckers. He wasn’t perfect, but he was genuine and real and he had a heart.

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