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The Time Of His Life - Will and Sonny encounter Joe Shannon in Oregon after he crashes his truck trying to pass them on a narrow road. After they take him, unconscious, to a hospital, the doctor informs them he is terminally ill, and they decide to make his last days enjoyable. Guest stars: Michael J. Pollard and Elisha Cook, Jr. Click for details.

Roadblock - Sonny agrees to give a fellow trucker's daughter a ride to her mother's place, not knowing she's a juvenile craps shooting prodigy, and that her father, Red, is in trouble with a loan shark. Guest stars: Mackenzie Phillips and Richard Jaeckel. Click for details.

Grit - Driving through the farm country of eastern Oregon, Will and Sonny meet a man pushing his wife down the road in a wheelchair. Guest stars: James Olsen, Pamela Payton-Wright and William Christopher. Click for details.

Lifeline - Will and Sonny deliver a generator to Shaniko, Oregon, and encounter a single mother and her autistic son. Guest stars: Lois Nettleton, Clint Howard, John Qualen. Click for details.

The Trick Is To Stay Alive - Will is taking a shortcut through the country when he spots fresh skid marks leading off the road to a bullet-riddled car. He and Sonny soon learn why the car is there: a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde . . . plus one. Guest stars: Marilyn Hassett, James Keach and Aldo Ray. Click for details.

The Cowhands - Will and Sonny help move a low-budget traveling rodeo. Guest stars: Tina Louise, Glenn Corbett, A Martinez and Stuart Nisbet. Click for details.

The Good Life - Will and Sonny deliver pipe casings to an Idaho wildcat oil well driller and he hires them to be in charge of oil transportation before the well comes in. George Maharis, Laraine Stephens and Gary Merrill. Click for details.

Games - Will, Sonny, and fellow trucker Ike run afoul of a small-town police officer and his speed trap. They get involved in a series of "touch" football games that turn out rougher and with higher stakes than expected. Guest stars: Gary Lockwood, Patricia Quinn, Joe Kapp and Michael Parks. Click for details.

Hoots - Will and Sonny haul auctioned farm equipment for the Hoots, an old-world farming colony, and get involved in a dispute between them and the surrounding farmers. Guest stars: Fritz Weaver and Belinda Montgomery. Click for details.

Good For Laughs - Will talks Sonny into hauling timber with Will's Vietnam War buddy in Hood River, Oregon. Guest stars:  Frank (The Riddler) Gorshin and Jonathan Goldsmith. Click for details.

High Roller - Will and Sonny pull a load of fresh eggs (and a trailer with a broken refrigerator) into Las Vegas where Will meets two friends from back east: Rita, who is now a card dealer, and her ex-husband Chuck, a former stunt driver. Guest stars: Christina Raines, Robert F. Lyons and Scott Brady. Click for details.

Goin' Home (part 1) - While in a cafe in Las Vegas, Sonny moans to Will about how depressing it is to spend Christmas on the road. So, they head to Phoenix for dinner with Sonny's aunt, but end up with Sonny's ex-wife instead. Guest stars: Sheree North, John Vernon, Will Hutchins, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Woodrow Parfrey and Jerell O. Malone. Click for details.

Goin' Home (part 2) - Sonny, Dinah, and Slim look for a missing necklace. Will enters Sonny's truck in a race. Guest stars: Sheree North, John Vernon, Will Hutchins, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Jerell O. Malone, Joyce Jamison and Eddie Little Sky. Click for details.

Antiques - Will and Sonny deliver two trucks to an eccentric old lady who has an antique Benz that she restored herself. The next day it's gone and she accuses them of stealing it. Guest stars: Jeanette Nolan, Jerry Houser. Click for details.

Explosion - Desperate, after his rig is impounded for a late loan payment, Sonny accepts a racing dog as payment from a freight broker. Guest stars: Charles Haid, Kenneth Toby and Paul Carr. Click for details.

Landslide - While detouring around a road construction site, Will and Sonny are trapped by a landslide on a wilderness road along with six other people: a runaway and her boyfriend, an alcoholic trumpeter and his estranged med-student son, and a man and his wife towing their RV. Guest stars: Cameron Mitchell, John Ritter, Lisa Eilbacher, Frank Maxwell, June Dayton and Jeff Conaway. Click for details.

Fraud - Sonny's trailer catches fire while parked overnight at a warehouse dock and Sonny is framed for arson. Guest stars: Barry Sullivan, Jenny Sullivan, Roosevelt Grier, Richard Bull and Art Aragon. Click for details.

Ammo - After delivering a load to a San Diego cannery, Sonny gets a case of hams for his lady friend. But when she opens one, it's full of military ammunition. Will and Sonny go undercover to help find the rest of the stolen munitions. Guest stars: Roger Perry, Jess Walton, Albert Paulson, Michael Baseleon, Anthony Palmer and Paul Mantee. Click for details.

Tattoos - In San Diego after making a delivery at the Navy docks, Sonny runs into his old Navy buddy who enlists Sonny and Will in a chase to catch his truckin' sweetheart. Guest stars: Ramon Bieri, James T. Callahan and Lynette Mettey.

Ransom - After delivering a load of fabric to a San Diego clothing manufacturer, Will and Sonny are drawn into a ransom delivery after Sonny's friend, the company's VP, is kidnapped. Guest stars: Ralph Meeker, Karen Carlson, Claudia Jennings and Patricia Smith. Click for details.

The Price Of Loving - In San Francisco, Will and Sonny get caught between a trucker pal and his wife Abby . . . and his other wife Betsy. Guest stars: Anne Francis, John Schuck, Kelly Jean Peters and Frank Campanella. Click for details.

Weddin' Belles - Sonny assists a woman, Nina, when her car breaks down near Sausalito. After loading her car into the trailer and taking it to a repair shop, sparks fly, Sonny releases his inner artist, and they make plans to marry. Guest stars: Janet Leigh, Debralee Scott and Bill Catching. Click for details.

Stowaway - Sonny finds a Russian pianist stowaway in his load of musical instruments, and Will thinks the pianist wants to defect to the USA. Guest stars: John Rubinstein, Roosevelt Grier, Art Metrano and Noah Keen. Click for details.

From Baltimore To Eternity - Sonny and Will pick up a load from a Baltimore furniture factory whose owner has refused to pay a local thug "protection" money. The bomb intended for the factory ticks hidden in the trailer while Will tries to get Sonny to a dentist to fix his aching tooth. Guest stars: George Dzundza, Thom Christopher, Brad Sullivan, Stephan Early, Ben Hammer, Lisa Blake Richards and Gary Sandy. Click for details.

The Toughest Men In America - Sonny's comment about truckers being "the toughest men in America" is published in a trucker's magazine and draws the ire of the US Marines who challenge Sonny and Will to complete one week of Marine basic training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Guest stars: Roosevelt Grier, Art Metrano, Don Galloway, Smoking' Joe Frazier. Click for details.

The Elephant Story - Sonny and Will pick up a carnival elephant in North Carolina to deliver in Sarasota, Florida. First, she gets loose on a country road, then Sonny finds a drunken stowaway in the trailer, then the rig is stolen . . . and Sonny's day goes downhill from there. Guest stars: Keenan Wynn and Anna Mae. Click for details.

...To Be In Carolina - Sonny and Will help a tobacco farmer after the trailer they are pulling catches fire and burns the man's curing barn down. Guest stars: Moses Gunn, Lauren Jones, David Downing and Jason Bernard. Click for details.

General Delivery - Sonny's impounded truck is bought by competing trucker team Moose and Benjy, leaving Will and Sonny with their ramshackle rig (Pigpen). A bet is struck. Whichever truck can reach Raleigh and claim a letter mailed to general delivery wins both trucks. Guest stars: Diane Ladd, Roosevelt Grier and Art Metrano. Click for details.

The Big Wheel - Will and Sonny deliver a load of race cars to Charlotte Motor Speedway where they are talked into competing in a 500 mile race. Guest stars: Rory Calhoun, Jo Ann Harris and Scott Brady. Click for details.

Prosperity #1 - Sonny and Will deliver equipment to a strike-bound West Virginia coal mine where Will sides with the miners, and Sonny sides with the mine owner, Maddie. Guest stars: Patricia Neal, Gary Merrill, Tessa Dahl, George Murdock, Leslie Woods and William Smith. Click for details.

Please Don't Talk To The Driver - Sonny and Will are hauling a load of apples out of Hendersonville when they come upon a bus that has a flat tire as a result of a gunshot. They and the passengers end up at an abandoned farmhouse surrounded by gunmen who are after money that was stolen from a bank. Guest stars: John Dehner and Paul Carr. Click for details.

Long Way To Nowhere - Will and Sonny borrow money from a loan shark to purchase two truckloads of peaches to sell in Canada. Guest stars: Strother Martin and Jeff Conway. Click for details.

Breakout - While Will goes to the bank in Asheville to cash a check, Sonny delivers a load to a North Carolina minimum security prison farm. An inmate stowaway forces Sonny to take him to his girlfriend so they can get married. Guest stars: Roosevelt Grier and Art Metrano.

Love, Death And Laura Brown - Will and Sonny almost have a collision with Laura on a North Carolina mountain road after her farm truck has a brake failure. Will finds himself attracted to Laura and Sonny becomes suspicious of her motives and of her hauling business. Guest stars: Fionnula Flannigan and Don Dubbins. Click for details.

Will The Last Trucker Leaving Charlotte Please Turn Out The Lights - Sonny and Will try to get a load out of Charlotte, where the local truckers are under the thumb of a broker and his thug. They wind up with the four-year-old daughter of another trucker instead of the load. Click for details.

The Old South Will Rise Again - After a hot-air balloon lands on the rig while they are going down the road, Will and Sonny get involved in an old man's obsession with entering his balloon, The Old South, in a race. Guest stars: Dub Taylor, Devon Ericson. Click for details.

Witch Hunt - Will and Sonny get stuck in Gainesville, Georgia, with a load of chicken feed when the Chicken Growers Co-op is threatened with a quarantine by the government. Will is bitten by a snake while working on the rig. Guest stars: Rosemary Murphy, R. G. Armstrong, Michele Marsh and Cliff Osmond.

The Big Switch - After hauling the equipment trailer for a singing group, Will and Sonny help the group's manager get even with a con man who had cheated Sonny years before. Guest stars: L. Q. Jones, Jackie Coogan, Wings Hauser, Scott Arthur Allen, Marguerite DeLain and Jackie Millines. Click for details.

Woman Of Steel - Sonny and Will go to a steel mill in Georgia to pick up a load and meet a lady trucker who, along with all the other local truckers, has to deal with a crooked mill owner. Guest stars: Penny Fuller and Joe Higgins. Click for details.

Living It Up! - Against Will's objections, Sonny rents the rig to a broker and almost loses it, and more, to a crew that broke into an armory. To keep them in the dark and out of his way, the broker treats Will and Sonny to a few days at an exclusive resort. Guest stars: Roosevelt Grier, Art Metrano, E. J. Peaker and Jack Kruschen.

A Home Is Not A House - Will and Sonny tow a mobile home to Alabama for an Arkansas woman who claims she holds the deed to piece of land that is now Bienville Square, a Mobile city park. Guest stars: Collin Wilcox Paxton, Shawn Bishop and Pamela C. Burton. Click for details.

No More Sad Songs - While in New Orleans for the funeral of Sonny's Navy pal, Sonny and Will use the Kenworth as the hearse and a local numbers runner puts a "package" in the truck. They take the deceased buddy's little girl to Pensacola, Florida, unaware that hoods are chasing them to get the package back. Guest stars: Philip Michael Thomas, Lisa Foy, Don Hood, Earl Billings, Al Scott and Billie Holliday. Click for details.

Full Fathom Five - Will and Sonny go to Bayou la Batre, Alabama to visit Jack, a shrimper buddy of Sonny's. But Jack isn't shrimping; he thinks he has found a sunken ship (from 1864) in Mobile Bay with a $1,000,000 fleet payroll on it. Guest stars: Ted Gehring, Wilbur Swartz, Sarah Jo Roush and Carol Englehart Scott. Click for details.

Sing It Again, Sonny - Sonny and Will pull into Nashville for the trucker's convention and Sonny is spotted at the talent show by an agent. While Sonny is busy with his guitar, Will borrows the rig and gets hijacked. Guest stars: Vera Miles, Cliff Osmond, George Lindsey, Doug Kaye and Danny Treanor. Click for details.


  1. I remember this very well!!.On e week., I was sick, but when they came on, I was sure to raise my head off the pillow, and watch the episode loved every minute of it!!!

  2. I really loved the series “Movin’ On'”. Thank you so much for creating this website and saving the show from disappearing. I was a kid in the 70’s and this show really captures the magic of that era in time.. The quality stories and “genuine people doing good” approach is sorely missed in 2020. Sonny and Will are realistic everyday heroes … out there on the road doing good. Wish there could be great shows like this again…actors like Claude and Frank 🙂

  3. Forgot to mention when the show was on I had the kid CB from the show and models of the truck. The CB looked like a mobile CB transceiver, but only had one channel (14?) and was probably less than a watt in power. The days when truck driving was like being a cowboy!

  4. Cowhands and Good Life were both filmed in Boise and surrounding towns. Many locations are still recognizable. If I ever get the chance I will take current pics and post and also see if the local newspaper and TV news have record of the filming. The hotel used for Good Life is still standing. Been inside it many times. I might ask there if anyone knows anything about it, but being 45 years ago probably no one who was there at the time still working!

  5. Movin’ On was my all time favorite TV Series. In the late 60’s I knew a guy whose last name was Pruitt, and they called him Sonny. He even looked almost like Claude Aiken! I was just getting into trucking and learning diesel mechanics, I had an old beat up International Emeryville and tuned the air horns to sound the same as the ones in the intro to the shows. I still have those horns, and they still sound great!
    Last week I woke up real earl;y and turned on the TV and was clicking channels and there they were!! Haven’t missed an episode since. I just wish they werren’t on at 4 in the morning! My tail is dragging by 7 in the evening! I guess I’ll go to bed now!

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