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Bill “Amazen” Bazen is Movin’ On’s most dedicated fan. His head and his Facebook page are so chock-full of Movin’ On facts we named him Official Movin’ On Historian. Though Bill loved receiving the honor, he certainly didn’t need it to motivate him. Bill has been a fan since the original run of Movin’ On on NBC between 1974-1976. Bill has wonderful memories of watching the show with his truck driving father. Bill has an impressive collection of Movin’ On memorabilia and an unbelievable recollection of every episode. Bill reaches out to other fans, actors, and crew. He pulls information out of them and shares it with his followers. Lately Bill has been tracking down Movin’ On shooting locations using Google maps. Here, Bill’s own words describe the hard work, dedication, and determination Amazen Bazen applies to Movin’ On.

Episode…..”The Good Life” – After much digging [pardon the pun] I have finally located Harry Larimer’s oil well. I received info from a Boise, Idaho resident that worked with the Movin’ On crew in ’74 that the well was in Mountain Home, Idaho. This town is about 39 miles from Boise. With that info in hand I started my search but could not pinpoint the exact location. After one week of searching with google street view and finding nothing I decided to come at the problem in a different way. I searched Facebook and found a Mountain Home, Idaho group. Once I was accepted as a member I posted, asking if anyone knew the oil well’s location. Last night I got a hit! A local resident told me her father worked at the well while filming was underway. She gave me the address and it checked out. After almost 2 1/2 years of searching for Movin’ On filming locations, I have just about finished this project. This oil well location was one of only a handful left to find. This location is off of Old Oregon Trail Road. The sign at the road entrance reads, County Landfill. A building can be seen just down this road on the left. Harry’s oil well was behind that building. I have a satellite view here [the oil well is 50 miles from Hillcrest Country Club where the costume party was filmed.

To see all of Bill’s location maps go to his Facebook page.

On behalf of Barry Weitz and myself, I want to thank Bill for his tireless efforts on behalf of Movin’ On. But knowing Bill, he would say that it is no effort at all. That it is a labor of love.  Movin’ On loves you too, Amazen Bazen. Keep on Doing it like Pruitt!

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